Port Huron Bars & Restaurants

Looking for the best places in Port Huron to eat and drink? Check out these great places:

3860 Griswold Rd, Port Huron, MI | (810) 982-7943
One of the most popular spots to drink in Port Huron is definitely CJ's Bar and Grill located on Griswold Rd. CJ's is the type of place where you can go with friends and receive friendly service and fantastic drinks (at great prices!) and have fun night of drinking, laughing, and shooting some pool.

231 Huron Ave, Port Huron, MI | (810) 984-2233
Kate's Downtown is a fantastic coffee shop and restaurant in Port Huron. They provide some of the friendliest service in town! Kate's is the best place in town to get a cup of coffee, and they have a fantastic menu made from locally sourced ingredients. Several of the menu items are vegan or vegetarian and there's even gluten free options. And the banked goods are delicious! Everyone can enjoy a good meal at Kate's!

405 Quay St, Port Huron, MI | (810) 982-7464
If you want to enjoy a few drinks, maybe a few PBRs, a great environment, and just have a fun night in a place full of history, then Roche Bar is the place for you. Roche Bar is a staple in the Port Huron bar scene, but be prepared - they are cash only.

2410 Conner St, Port Huron, MI | (810) 985-7795
Jack's Tavern in Port Huron is a nice neighborhood bar, with maybe a hint of a dive bar feel. They have a great staff that's always friendly, a Juke box, and fantastic happy hour specials on top of already great prices! If you're looking for a relaxing place to drink during the week or a fun night out on the weekend, definitely check out Jack's Tavern.

103 Michigan St, Port Huron, MI | (810) 982-1866
The Vintage Tavern is a classy Port Huron with a trendy vibe. It's the best place in town to enjoy a cocktail, a cold beer, or a glass of wine - the selections of each are great! They offer a good menu with a few vegetarian options. The rooftop offers a beautiful place to sit and enjoy dinner. If you're looking for a nice spot to have dinner and drinks before a crazy night on the town, The Vintage Tavern is your place!

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