Charter Bus Detroit recognized the need for classy transportation for large groups of people, and that's how we came into fruition! Our customers will be the first to tell you that our services are the best in the area, as we put our clients needs first. We realize there's a plethora of uses for our Detroit charter bus service, and we're committed to servicing each and every one of them. Our booking agents, behind the scenes team, and chauffeurs work hard each and every day to bring you a reliable service.

Let our chauffeurs whisk you away and take you to your destination. They're supremely qualified to do so with certifications, licenses, and endorsements. They're some of the safest drivers around, and they're driving vehicles maintained on a daily basis with insurance policies. Best of all, they come with a GPS unit so you'll never be lost. There will be no question of your safety when you decide to book with us!

Our services would be nothing without our fleet of amazing charter buses! We've made the commitment to bring you a high quality vehicle without damages. Our charter buses are fresh and clean with no smoking policies, making them suitable for all type of travel. You'll simply get the best with Charter Bus Detroit, each and every time.

As we continued to grow, our client needs began shifting as well. We started noticing that our clients were looking for more than just a charter bus service. Continuous requests for party bus and limo services made us rethink the scope of what we offer. Charter Bus Detroit is a company dedicated to innovation. We are always updating our products and services for your benefit. As a result, we began to offer charter buses in addition to party buses and limousines.

Charter Bus Detroit strives for excellence in everything that we do. Not only do we focus on innovation, we also focus on the quality of everything we provide. Whether you're reserving a charter bus, party bus or limousine we ensure you will have a luxurious ride. Our entire fleet of vehicles is full of features that you will be sure to love. Especially our party buses and limousines. We dedicate ourselves to providing a high standard and only seek to improve. When deciding who your transportation courier will be, choose Charter Bus Detroit. We provide the most luxurious amount of charter buses, party buses and limousines for you to use. Charter Bus Detroit also dedicated to ensuring the highest safety standards possible. This is for all of our passengers, drivers, charter buses, party buses and limousines.

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