Saginaw Bars & Restaurants

Looking for the best places in Saginaw to eat and drink? Check out these great places:

110 S Hamilton St, Saginaw, MI | (989) 797-3900
For a cool 80s and 90s throwback feel and strong drinks, check out Retro Rocks. Retro Rocks is a great local bar that plays the soundtrack of your youth with classic 80s and 90s music. They have a great selection of draft beers and like we said, the mixed drinks are strong! Stop in if you want a fun, laid back night out with friends.

205 3rd St, Bay City, MI | (989) 402-1116
Heather's restaurant may very well be the best place to eat in the area. Although they are not entirely a vegetarian restaurant, Heather's does offer a fantastic vegan and vegetarian menu of some of the tastiest entrées you've ever had. Stop in for a breakfast or lunch that will leave you happy and satisfied. Try the black bean burger or Mediterranean veggie burger - both are amazing!

555 Shattuck Rd, Saginaw, MI | (989) 754-2881
This amazing dive bar is always sure to be a good time with the amazing crowd they draw. Karaoke is offered on the weekends and they have a great Juke box. Drinks are cheap, making Heck's a favorite for those who want to really enjoy the night and get the most of their money! Heck's is a heck of a bar, so be sure to check it out the next time you're out in Saginaw looking for a fun place to drink!

118 N Michigan Ave, Saginaw, MI | (989) 792-0123
Mac's is perhaps the best place in Saginaw to get a great cocktail. The bartenders at Mac's not only know how to mix up the perfect drink, but they're friendly. If you're not sure what it is you want to try, Mac's is the type of place where you can give the bartender an idea of the tastes you like and let them mix up a surprise cocktail. Prices vary and some are a bit high, but if you're serious about your cocktails then it's well worth it. Stop by Mac's Bar the next time you're out in Saginaw!

3750 Bay Rd, Saginaw Chtr Twp, MI | (989) 793-6300
If you're a beer lover or planning a night out with a beer lover, you absolutely have to go to The Michigan Tap Room. The best place for beer you'll find, The Michigan Tap Room has the best Michigan beer, and a huge variety at that. Selection rotates so there's always something new. Order your favorite or get a sampler to try the newest additions. There's no place like The Michigan Tap Room when you're looking for fun and beer!

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